Entering numbers and dates

All numeric and date fields in Fixed Assets provide extra pop-up functions:


· Numeric fields provide a pop-up calculator

· Date fields provide a pop-up calendar


To use the pop-ups, press the space bar.





The calculator pop-up will appear if you press the space bar while in a numeric field. Numeric fields are used throughout Fixed Assets to enter dollar amounts, percentages and quantities.




To use the calculator, type an expression in (such as "25 * 12") and press either ENTER or the equals key. The result can be pasted into the field itself by pressing ENTER again.


image\bm1.gif  You can also click the buttons on the calculator rather than use the keyboard.


The MC, MR, MS and M+ buttons provide memory functions. Note that the memory will be cleared as soon as the calculator is closed.


Note that the pop-up calculator isn't the same as the Windows calculator which can be launched from the Toolbar. However, you can copy values from the Windows calculator by pressing CTRL+C (or using the Copy command on its Edit menu) and paste them into any field in Fixed Assets by pressing CTRL+V.





The calendar pop-up will appear if you press the space bar while in a date field.




The calendar pop-up allows you to select a date from the calendar, rather than typing it in. This can be particularly useful for quickly finding dates like "last Friday" without having to check a separate calendar.


To select a date, move through the calendar using the arrow keys and press ENTER once the cursor is over the date you need. You can also move between months by pressing the PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN keys or by clicking on the arrows at the edge of the popup's header.


image\bm1.gif   You can select from a list of months by clicking on the month and scrolling through the list.