User Level Security

Menu Option: Administration>Users and Security


The default user name is the same as the current Windows user name. Where several people use the same computer, each may use their own name to logon to this software. There is no need to create a record for each user, as this record is created automatically the first time a new name is used in the logon screen.


When the software is first used, the initial user is added as the Administrator, security level 10A (All). A default user is also set up, at a default level of 10A.

If no security is desired, nothing else need be done, as the default password is blank. If security is desired, add a password to the administrator user, and set appropriate levels for the default user.


Every time a new user logs on to Mindbow Fixed Assets, a new user is created with no password, and security is inherited from the 'default' user.


ex_yellow_sm.jpg If the default user is deleted by mistake, the software will re-create the default user with the highest security settings.

i_yellow_sm.jpg Only the highest level administrator (10M) may change user authorities.


First, select the User from the list as shown in this diagram, or click Add to add a new User.



The User Security form opens, as shown in the these diagrams:



 Selecting All Options permitted hides the check boxes.


The fields in the user dialog box are as follows:


User: User name.

Description: Full name.

Password: to ensure security.

Security (0-10): The level of security.

Every menu option can have a set level of security.

Tick Boxes: These can be used to set the appropriate access to menu options in different functional areas.


Security: A10 is Administrator

Options: (All) - default - lower 'frame' is not visible & all options are active.





The security level number is pre-programed to give higher levels of security in each section.


See Security Permissions