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Requirements, and preperation before installation:

Check general Requirements here.

Windows 7/Vista/8 and 10 : Before initial installation on any PC you must do the following:

Step 1: Set the UAC (User Access Control) down to its minimum setting and restart your computer.
on Win7: Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Action Center > Change user account control settings. (Drag slider to the bottom)

Step 2: Proceed to Download Fixed Assets. July 2016 Installation.

Step 3. After installation and verifying that the software is working, go back and set the UAC to where it was and reboot.

Report any problems to support @ mindbow.com for me to fix.

1. Download Fixed Assets

Install Fixed Assets as follows:
Download the following four files: Usually right click, and "save as" - it varies by OS and browser.
1. Base Software (Mindbow30.zip)
2. Application Software (Assets.zip) The installed program is MBFA3.exe
3. Registration command file(Rereg64.cmd).
Note: ensure the extension is visible, and this is saved with the cmd extension.
4. Registry Key setup (SetupRegKeys.reg)
Note: ensure the extension is visible and has the reg extension.

These files can be saved into any folder on your desktop.
If you have a previous version, uninstall the Mindbow Startup program. This is no longer used.

Install in this order: (Bypass and accept all security prompts.) - my Systems are checked with Norton 360 Premier so should all be secure.

1. Install the Base software.
2. Install the application but before running do 3.
3. Run the command file Rereg64.cmd to register OCX's in the Base software correctly for your operating system (32 or 64 bit). Right click, and choose "Run as Administrator" if your operating system supports this.
4. right click on SetupRegKeys.reg and choose 'merge'

The main application Icon should be on your desktop, or startmenu. - this seems to depend on the operating system version.
- you can pin this to your start menu.

Tested on Windows 10 64bit Pro and Home versions.
Expected to work fine on Windows 7 and 8.

2. Problems in installing.

Windows 10 will behave differently by type (Home, Pro, etc) and depending on the settings you have. Until folk report problems, I cannot predict every eventuality!

If you cannot find a shortcut to the program on your desktop, or in your start menu, you will find the application (MBFA3.exe) in the following folder:

C:\Users\{your user name}\AppData\Roaming\Mindbow

and you can manually create a shortcut to the file in this location.

Running the command file correctly is essential to avoid errors.

If you forget to set the UAC to the lowest setting, Windows 10 will likely require permission to start Fixed Assets every time. You can probably set permissions to run as administrator.