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Mindbow Fixed Assets has been designed to operate with maximum usefulness and minimum fuss. Should anything pose a problem for you, email support is available during New Zealand and Australian business hours - see our contact page for details.

Known Issues and Frequently Asked Questions.

Licensing error: If you get the following error:"Registration has expired or is invalid - call your nearest Mindbow Office"and if you know that your licence is valid then simply download the latest version otherwise contact Mindbow support. You can use Fixed Assets but not add any new assets until a new version is installed.

Support: If you purchased Fixed Assets over a year ago, or your maintenance is unpaid for the current year then there may a charge for this service.
Check the following troubleshooting checklist before calling us:

Check that your version of Mindbow Fixed Assets is up to date.
(If not, download the latest version - Updating your version does not damage your company database or invalidate your upgrades and licences - these are protected. Only the tutorial database will be reset to its default state).

Press 'F1' button to check for help. See also the extra help for newer features at our website: This can be reached from your Fixed Assets Program by selecting: Menu>Online Help

Accounting advice: Consult your accountant or tax practitioner. Mindbow does not provide accounting advice.
For help with lost passwords, database recovery and other more complex issues just seek help from Mindbow support.