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General Issues
  • Windows 7 support issue: files missing error.
  • Some Crystal Reports export formats do not work under Windows 7 or Vista. An error window will be displayed when faulty exports are attempted. The main problem is the pdf export format. The work around is to install a pdf printer driver. You may then select this printer driver to export your reports in pdf format.
    dopdfUse this (or other) pdf printer drivers to enable exporting reports tp pdf documents.

  • Terminal Server/Terminal Services. Citrix: The evaluation licence will ONLY operate on a local C: drive of a standard Windows (XP, Vista or later) operating system. The Network licence should be able to operate in a Terminal Services environment, but is currently untested. We will work with any Terminal Server clients to resolve any Terminal Services issues, but in the short term, our software may need to be installed on a standard desktop computer.

Antivirus systems are getting more sophisticated. If you can, inside your antivirus/firewall set our software at a highly trusted level, and, if necessary, turn the antivirus off during installation & updates.

Issues with older Mindbow installations that haven't uninstalled...

With the major revamp of our system in recent months, we have tried our best to uninstall all old versions as we have moved forward. Microsoft's side by side installation has caused some issues, and you may have older Mindbow applications remaining. These should be uninstalled to avoid confusion. If you accidentally uninstall a required program, it will be re-instated when you restart Fixed Assets.


Control Panel:
Add or Remove Programs

Mindbow Fixed Assets requires the two programs below. You may safely uninstall any older duplicates, (lower version numbers) or older versions of Fixed Assets under other names. Mindbow Startup is now obsolete.

Needed programs: (Click to see version information from Add Remove Programs)
Fixed Assets or later

Mindbow Base Software