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Manual install - part 1

Some very restrictive firewalls used by larger organisations may prevent the normal installation procedure from working. In this case, follow this more manual procedure to install Mindbow fixed assets. If the internet installer fails to install the intitial startup program, please request us to send you the installer by email. This file should be unzipped as shown, downloaded to the folder: C:\Mindbow\Installer, and the setup program run.

Manual Install

Manual Install - Part 2

Sometimes the startup program will install correctly, then report it cannot connect to the Internet (due to firewall restrictions). Follow this procedure: Activate the Manual Download by selecting the option as shown here.

Set Manual

Close the program and download the following files to this folder:
{Environment.SpecialFolder.CommonApplicationData} + \Mindbow\Temp
Which on Windows XP will normally be this folder:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Mindbow\Temp
By right-clicking, and choose the save file option.
File 1: Version control xml.
File 3: Mindbow application framework.

Manual Install - Part 3

Request the latest program from support. This will be emailed to you as a zipped file which needs to be extracted to the the same folder as in part 2.

Normally, the startup program will be able to then install the two installers, assets.msi & mindbow30.msi.

However, these may be manually installed by double clicking each file.

Registration and authentication: This will also need to be manually activated.
When you register the software under the Manual Download option, you will get a window containing registration text which needs to be emailed to support@mindbow.com. We will send you an authentication number to authenticate your software.