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July 2016 Startup program removed, and new installation method developed. The program has been unlocked for all and automatic updates have ceases.The program itself now runs from its own shortcut. Product keys will not longer apply, but only exisiting clients will get support.
Windows 7,8, and 10 all supported.

June 2011: Our New General Leger Interface systemhas been released. This is an add-on to Mindbow Fixed Assets. A new General Ledger Asset Class has been added to the Asset Master file. This can be used to divide up the Assets into costcentres or any other grouping to match the structure of your accounting system. Each Asset Class has its own set of GL Account codes. In addition, we have a new Meta-Language which allows a Mindbow template (*.mbt) to be used to design the interface file for any accounting system that allows batch import of GL transactions.
See Documentation in our help file.

Windows 10 and new installationprocedure to simplify support.

There is a new installation procedure, manual, but simpler in that licences and automatic updates are gone. The software will start more quickly.

Effective immediately, Mindbow Fixed Assets has been withdrawn from sale.
Our developer has had to retire early for medical reasons (See Personal Statement from the Developer below) and it is uneconomic, given the size of our user base, for us to continue.

Website, online help and downloads: The website has been prepaid with our hosting service until March 2020 and existing users may continue to download installers until at least 2020. The (now retired) developer will likely continue the website beyond 2020. (See Personal Statement from the Developer below)

Support: While I am now a full time carer for my wife, I should be able to support existing users until at least 2020. Basic support will be free, and offered on a best endeavours, ex gratia, basis. Any extensive support, requiring database processing or programming will be costed as agreed between the user and the developer. There still may be a future version, but it will be more of a 'hobby' process.

Personal Statement from the Developer

July 2016: We are preparing to move back to New Zealand in early 2017 to "retire".

May 2016: My wife has had astroke, but has recovered very well. Radiotherapy increases the risk of a stroke several fold. Now why didn't they tell us that!

August 2015: My wife has come through another battle with cancer - but after several surgical attempts, it appears to be removed, but she is recovering from radiotherapy.

My wife and I moved to Australia in 2006 so that she could be closer to her family here. Her health had been declining for many years. In 2011,she was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis. I had to enter a carer's role, and take over day by day housekeeping. Development of Fixed Assets ceased then for practical purposes, though I was able to continue with support.

I had hoped to be able to continue development, but I find I no longer have the energy or motivation to do the extensive development work for Windows 8 and beyond, since this requires a complete rewrite. I would normally have retired in 2020, so I should be able to support the package until then. Mindbow Fixed Assets has proven very stable and bug free, so support problems are few and far between. All in all, the package has performed well from the beginnings in 1999 and a 20 year total life for the software (till 2020) will be something I can be proud of.