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Active X file will not install if the Windows & UAC is active. If the UAC is not set to its minimum settings before installation then file missing errors will be seen when running the software.

The problem may occur on Vista, and the same solution should be applied.
The error refers to missing files or dependencies of tinumb6.ocx or tidate6.ocx.

As soon as the files are correctly installed, the problem disappears, and is a fault in the install process, not in our software.

Generally a reinstall of the Mindbow base system will fix the problem.

Step 1: Set the UAC down to its minimum setting and restart your computer.
Win7: Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Action Center > Change user account control settings. (Drag slider to the bottom)
Step 2: From control panel, uninstall the Mindbow Base software.
Step 3: Run the Mindbow Startup program which will downlaod and install the latest Base software.
Step 4. Go back and set the UAC to where it was and restart.

This should always fix the problem.

If these steps do not solve your Win7 issue, then the only immediate solution is to run our software on an older WinXP machine, (either a separeate PC, or on a Virtual PC running on Win7). This is available as a download from Microsoft: (Click Here)